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Trellis Craft book

Make copper pipe trellises, arbors, and garden ornaments

ISBN 0-9727691-0-2

Enhance your deck, patio, and garden with your own copper pipe creations. Make copper trellises, arches, arbors, obelisks, and spirals. Make copper plant stands, plant shelves, trellises for pots, and row cover supports. It's easy!

Copper garden trellises help provide shade and privacy. You can grow beautiful flowers and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

You will enjoy making your own copper pipe trellises and gaining new space to grow all types of flowering vines.

Copper trellises are strong and permanent. They don't rust. They don't rot. They don't need maintenance. You don't need a workshop or power tools to make them.

copper pipe trellis

copper pipe plant shelf
some copper pipe garden designs


 Learn how to make all kinds of trellises and other garden ornaments from copper pipe

Copper pipe is a great material for making trellises, arbors, and many other garden projects. Copper pipe is strong and durable, and does not rust or rot like steel or wood trellises. After you make a copper pipe project, you will never need to maintain it, paint it, or protect it from the weather.

Readily available tools and supplies allow you to make many interesting designs, without the need for intricate joinery like wood, and without the need for welding like steel.

Copper pipe cuts, bends, and fastens easily. The Trellis Craft book shows you all the techniques, and then shows dozens of illustrated, dimensioned projects you can make for your yard and garden.

The Trellis Craft book has detailed, illustrated, dimensioned designs for using copper pipe to make:
  • Copper Trellises, Arches, and Arbors
  • Obelisks, Spirals, and Trellises for pots
  • Row cover supports, Plant Stands
  • Plant Shelves, and more
  • See some sample trellis designs from the book

The Trellis Craft book also includes chapters covering:

  • Materials, Supplies, and Tools
  • Assembly techniques and Assembly jigs
  • How to bend copper pipe
  • How to support your projects
  • Plants for trellises, and more

A Book Owner's Comment:

"Thank you so much for your wonderful book. It was worth every penny and much much more. It is so complete; every design is engineered to perfection. The dimensions require no adjustments or guess work. What a pleasure to finally find a book with such thorough instructions and design features that I am able to adjust and change the designs easily to suit my needs. This book is superior to all other craftbooks I have purchased (and I have hundreds)."

With Sincere Appreciation,

Alyxandrea Geiger -Tangled Root Gardens -Olympia, WA

The Trellis Craft book is:

  • Perfect bound softcover, 173 pages, 8-1/2x11, with over 175 illustrations.

  • Order Trellis Craft for only $14.95 including Priority Mail shipping.
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